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  • Cultural Traditions and Customs

    Asian weddings have a host of rituals, ceremonies and customs which add so much to making them so unique, rich and special.

  • Bridal Hair & Makeup

    Every woman wants to look amazing on their big day - unique comes to mind.

  • Asian Wedding Jewellery

    An inevitable part of weddings that costs a fortune. But there are things you can do to get the perfect jewellery at more accepptable prices

  • Wedding Health

    General feeling of well being and health is the key to an amazing look on the day

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  • Cultural Traditions and Customs

    Rich, special and unique
  • Bridal Hair & Makeup

    How to look amazing on your big day
  • Asian Wedding Jewellery

    Find the perfect ring
  • Wedding Health

    Tips and advice for general health

Welcome to - making your wedding simple and elegant is your online resource for everything asian weddings, from asian wedding guides to asian wedding suppliers. We are a fast growing community aiming to bring wedding couples closer to the rich asian wedding culture, customs and spiritual journeys.

Our exclusive interactive asian wedding directory will be launching very soon, allowing you to plan your wedding with no difficulty or stress at all. A forum for those who are interested in every aspect of asian weddings is also on its way to be launched where you will be able to share views and get expert advice from.

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The Interactive Asian Wedding Directory

Cultural and traditional customs

Don't forget to keep those important traditions alive! See how you can do your bit and spice them up a little ... read here >>

Top 5 Wedding Cars

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