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Cultural Traditions and Customs

Cultural Traditions and Customs
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Asian weddings have a host of rituals, ceremonies and customs which add so much to making them so unique, rich and special. However, they can also make an Asian wedding very complicated, stressful and daunting for couples and families to organize. aims to demystify and simplify these traditions for a variety of faiths including Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus. We have articles, guides, interviews, check lists and blogs which offer practical advice and guidance. also has a growing forum which offers a platform to ask questions interactively, with trusted experts who monitor the forum regularly and who will answer your questions promptly. You will find in our forums that your questions are often the same questions others have; we find this promotes lively and interesting discussion between our members.

Often Asian Wedding rituals, ceremonies and traditions have a long history with deep rooted meaning and religious significance. So even if you have an awesome family that know exactly what you need to do, will teach you the meaning behind it and help improve your understanding which we find often makes these traditions less daunting and actually adds a lot of depth to your wedding and to your commitment to each other. brings great functionality through tools such as our forum and Interactive Wedding Directory, but we are also a trusted source for guidance, we like modern but we don't want to lose our roots. So use this part of the site to merge older traditions with new trends and fashion into one amazing wedding and marriage.