Top 5 things to consider when finding the right venue

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Top 5 things to consider when finding the right venue

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Work through your finances, workout exactly how much you can afford to spend- and stick to it. Try phoning venues first, see the sort of prices they offer, this will stop you getting attached to a place then finding out it is way to pricey. Also find out exactly what is included in the price often the added extras even simple things like tables can add up.

Decide on location

Consider the location, is it a short drive from a temple or your house? Will your guest be able to find the location easily? Is there convenient parking?

Food and drink

Asian weddings are all about the food, make sure you discuss with the venue how you will be able to cater for your guests, ideally they will have an onsite kitchen which makes life a lot easier.

Estimate number of guests

As you will know or find out it is quite difficult to estimate exactly how many people will come to your wedding, because Asian Weddings often don't have a reservation process. Wedding planner's state putting 10% contingency either way is the best way to go.

When to get married

It is important to consider the time of year you get married, peak is from around May to September so expect prices to be dearer. So consider booking off peak as it essentially means availability will be higher and prices lower.