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Welcome to the launch of AsianWeddings.co.uk

Fri, 18 Mar 2011

After a lot of time and effort AsianWeddings.co.uk is finally here.

What is AsianWeddings.co.uk? Well, it is simply a site that is here to help, we provide advice, guidance and tools to the Asian community, our aim is to make your life easier by creating transparency in the industry, driving value and recapturing the ideals and traditions that make an Asian wedding so special.

Our launch represents the start of our journey, we have ambitious plans to grow and become the one place where couples looking to get married come to for trusted guidance and help. So what you see today on AsianWeddings.co.uk is very much the start.

Explore our site, and visit us regularly as we have exciting content and tools to be launched in the very near future. To give you a glimpse of what 2011 holds for us, have a look at what we are planning;

• The launch of a forum for the Asian wedding community, where you can share views and get advice from not only people who have been there and done it but also from people who are in your exact same position;

• We will of course be providing more advice and guidance from the very best experts in their fields;

• Bringing the latest news, trends and events in one place;

• We have some very exciting offers and discounts lined up to help you save money on one of the most happy but expensive days of your life;

• We are very close to launching some very clever tools that will help you organise your wedding effortlessly;

• AsianWeddings.co.uk is also working on establishing a trusted expert’s network that you will be able to access and hire for your wedding.

Our journey is starting as is yours, so enjoy the site and subscribe so that we can keep in touch.

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